What We Do

Khoury Scott & Associates (KSA Law) is a boutique Brisbane based law firm focusing on Commercial Law, Debt Recovery, Personal Insolvency (Bankruptcy), Corporate Insolvency (Liquidation), Property Law and Wills & Estates.

We understand that running a business in today’s world can be tough and whether you like it or not, lawyers are necessary (but they don’t have to be a necessary evil).  Consider this, many business decisions involve elements of legal compliance or understanding.  Often, what may appear to be a simple business decision can later prove costly should you fail to obtain the proper legal advice.  That is where we step in.  Consider KSA Law your “in-house” legal team.

We understand that, if we can break the stigma of law firms being expensive and overpriced, by offering fixed-fee and retainer options, we can add value to our clients.  This is what we do.

Our expert Brisbane lawyers want to help your business throughout its entire lifecycle.  From ensuring that your business is properly structured and that you (as director) are properly protected through to preparing legally binding documents, reviewing leases and contracts as and when they arise, recovering bad debts and advising you through times of financial hardship – our team can help.

Corporate Law

Helping you get the right advice for your business. Our team can handle all of your business needs, whether you are wanting:
1. To set up a new business, trust or company;
2. To restructure an existing entity/business;
3. To sell or purchase a business.
If you have any commercial matters, please do not hesitate to contact our lawyers today.

Property Law

KSA Law can assist landlords and tenants with commercial leases (including shopping centres, retail spaces, renewals and lease disputes). Our team also handles all commercial conveyancing matters including commercial, industrial and retail sales and purchases. We also work with retirement villages and residents to handle all of their retirement village enquiries at all stages of the process.

Wills & Estates

Estate planning is essential to ensure that your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes after you are gone. Let our team help you rest easy knowing that your assets and wishes will be dealt with appropriately. If you need a Will, Power of Attorney or require assistance in administering an estate please contact our team today.

Debt Recovery

We understand that, in business cash is king. Without maintaining a positive cashflow a business can quickly find itself in financial hardship. If unpaid debts and invoices are affecting your business, our team of recovery experts can help and at minimal cost to your business. We offer fixed fee, speculative recovery and retainer options so that we maximise our benefit to you.


Facing Bankruptcy? In financial trouble? Have you been served with a Bankruptcy Notice? Our team can provide you with the right advice, a set of options and tailor-made solutions to help you – where possible – avoid a formal insolvency appointment. However, if it cannot be avoided, we are able to advise you on the impact and guide you every step of the way.

Corporate Insolvency

If your company is struggling financially, been served with a Statutory Demand or Wind Up Application. Our insolvency lawyers have experience developing effective turnaround strategies and defending applications. Worst case scenario, our team can appoint a liquidator or an administrator voluntarily and advise on the impacts corporate insolvency will have on you personally as a director.